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General Questions

We do not offer pickup service. Please order online or call us to arrange delivery of your order.
We are based in Fitchburg, WI and deliver to all of Dane County. Our expedited delivery service brings product to your door in 1- 3 days.

Delivery costs are included in the per yard price for customers in the immediate Madison area. An additional charge may be added at checkout for some customers who are out of the immediate Madison delivery area.

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Topsoil Questions

Non-shredded, or regular topsoil, is a naturally occurring earth source. Its complex consistency usually includes a mixture of sand, clay, manure and silt.Its coarse consistency makes it well suited for a subsoil base as opposed to a fine surface soil. Your garden or landscape can be created with this unscreened soil and a finer topsoil added later.

Shredded topsoil begins as regular topsoil. It then travels through specifically sized grates which breaks it up into small, consistent sized particles. Applying topsoil with a consistent particle size across a garden or lawn allows nutrients and water to flow naturally through the soil for a healthier growing space.

Our Garden Mix is blended with premium organic compost from Purple Cow Organics. This special mixture is ideal topsoil for gardens, raised beds, pots, and containers.