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We are closed for the season. Thank you for all of your business this year, and we look forward to serving you next spring! 🙂
  • PC Classic Compost

    PC Classic Compost

    • Buffers pH and breaks up tightly bound clay soil.
    • Encourages vigorous root growth.
    • Our most popular compost
    • Order by the cubic yard
    • Prices include delivery to most Madison area locations
  • Out of stock

    PC Raised Bed Mix

    PC Raised Bed Mix

    • Premium mix for installing/filling raised garden beds.
    • Since no topsoil is used, the Mix is virtually free of weed seeds.
    • Provides ideal soil structure, organic matter, water holding capacity, and microbiology for starting a raised garden.
    • Order by the cubic yard.
    • Prices include delivery to most Madison area locations.